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Aarons Autoclicker

A nice auto mouse clicker just set and leave it running. It has an in built time delay to allow you to position the mouse before the clicker takes over.

Advanced Autoclicker

A mouse auto clicker/typer just set and leave it running. Programable multiple clickpoints, will also auto type commands and text.

Aarons Autobrowser

Surf the easy way, save a number of websites and Aarons AutoWebBrowser will loop through them all. Useful for the people with disabilities.

Aarons Bingohall

Many local communities are using this product to hold fund raising activities in the local area. 42 game types or design your own.

Aarons Bingo Game

Try this new fun game of bingo, you can select the type of game required or select the random option. Now with 42 game types.


ezyInventory is a home inventory software package for users (Home / Business) to document unlimited possessions.

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